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  • Thank you, Richard! You’re the best!

    I was sailing along toward my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse when someone rear-ended me while I was stopped at a traffic light. The accident turned my life upside down. My studies were interrupted, I had to drop classes because of all the time I lost, my car was totaled, and, worst of all, I was injured. I called Richard, and he was a tremendous help. He got me enough money to buy a new car, and he also got me $50,000 for my injury. This was the maximum amount available under the other driver’s insurance policy, the best possible outcome. Thank you, Richard! You’re the best!

    - Erin, Student of Nursing

  • Highly recommend this law firm!

    Richard Lara and his team in Alhambra came recommended and we are glad that he and his team represent us for our business. They are professional, courteous, communicative, and filled with sound advice for our situation; fighting and suggesting on our behalf what would be best for our company. All worked out with a favorable resolution and couldn't be happier. Hopefully, we don't have to do this again, BUT if we must Richard Lara's Law Firm is our choice to represent us.

    - Randy T.

  • Excellent and personalized service
    High standards of care, excellent and personalized service. Tries hard to do what is best for the client and always does what is the right thing to do.

    - Adam W.

  • High standards of care

    excellent and personalized service. Tries hard to do what is best for the client and always does what is the right thing to do.

    - Former Client

  • Thank you, Richard!

    A construction crew placed a cement hose across the sidewalk, and I tripped over it. The hose was the same color as the sidewalk, it was placed in the shadow of the scaffolding, and it was almost impossible to see. I was the second person to trip over the hose, but they still failed to warn people. I broke my wrist when I fell, which was terrible because I work on a computer. I called Richard, and he fought hard for me. The construction company’s insurance carrier did not want to pay, but Richard would not give up. He got me $75,000. Thank you, Richard!

    - Ms. Cheung, Data Entry Specialist

  • Unbelievable!

    Our family planned and saved all year for a vacation to Canada. We boarded our tour bus in LA, and we did not realize that it was a Canadian bus company. While we were touring Canada, the bus driver hit a tow-truck that was parked on the shoulder. The bus driver did not see the truck because he was texting. Unbelievable! We all wound up in the hospital, and our vacation was ruined. Another law firm had a case for over a year, but they failed to get results because they did not know how to use a Canadian company. Then Richard took over our case, and within a few months, he settled the case for $341,000. That result speaks for itself!

    - Dennis, Banker

  • He went above and beyond

    I went to [a fast-food restaurant] for lunch. When I finished eating, I went to throw away my trash, and an employee swung open a door next to the trashcan can really hard. The door hit me right in the face, and it broke my nose. It was painful and embarrassing. Richard sued the restaurant, and he got all of my medical bills paid and he also got me $15,000 for my pain and suffering. After that, the restaurant moved the trashcan away from that door so no one else would get hurt.

    - Billy, Body Shop Repair Specialist